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The challenge

  • Website design and development
  • SEO implementation

The Sydney based My Proposal Co (MPC) crew were in desperate need of a website overhaul! Their original website had become quite dated, and not in a “Dad’s old vintage Adidas sweater” kind of way. The site no longer reflected the elegant and luxurious service these charismatic ladies are well known for.  On top of this, their WordPress based web design had become complex and made it hard for them to make the simplistic changes they required.

Enter Brain Box Media. We sent our heavy hitters to Sydney to meet Tania and Gloria in person.  We identified that they needed a simplistic content management system that didn’t look like your “run of the mill” template website.

What we delivered

We built MPC a unique, mobile-friendly web design according to specifications, that automatically syncs with their Instagram and YouTube feeds. Their content was rewritten to include high search volume industry-related keywords, and other SEO tweaks to give them a boost in organic search. The platform used to build the new site allowed the MPC crew to easily change or add content on their own terms. As always, we provided training on how to make simple content changes, and due to their competency, they were also taught how to make complex adjustments.

MPC are loving their new site, which now reflects the unique, luxurious service they offer. Their business has seen the benefits of well-researched SEO, with new clients finding them easily on Google search. Gloria and Tania are appreciating the time and cost-effectiveness of their new set up.  

Brain Box Media plug

If your proposing to your partner and have little clue on how to do so, get in touch with My Proposal Co. They have a luxurious solution for every budget.

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