Personal Best Leadership

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The challenge

  • Logo and brand development
  • Collateral design
  • Web design and development

Paul from Personal Best Leadership approached us when he was looking to launch his brand. With years of consulting experience, he decided it was time to share it with a broader community. This was the start of Personal Best Leadership.

Primarily he required a logo and business cards that would incorporate his company initials and his name, which both shared the letters PB.

What we delivered

After hitting the design board, we came up with a smooth logo that was strong and bold. This was also used in the web design, and later down the track would be the base of his promotional brochures that Brain Box Media produced.

Brain Box Media is thankful to be on Paul’s journey, as he builds his business, and grows into one of the leading business coaches of Australia.

Brain Box Media plug

You only have to speak to Paul Bindig from Personal Best Leadership to understand what sort of influence he can have on people. Paul’s track record and experience makes his services hard to look past when looking for business and personal coaching.

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