Finger Bun Classic Rock

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The challenge

  • Logo adjustment
  • Print design

Finger Bun needed an adjustment to their existing logo. Since then, we have produced Fringe gig posters for them in consecutive years. 

After the addition of a new band member to Finger Bun, we got busy adjusting their logo to reflect this. As the Adelaide Fringe shows are a large part of their tour dates, we spend time once a year producing a kick-arse poster to get bums on seats.  

What we delivered

At Brain Box Media, we love the challenge that is presented to us each year pre-fringe festival. This is often dictated by the era in which they will be playing cover songs.

Finger Bun are always amazed by the end results and have had our poster feature as a Fringe artwork finalist, in their annual awards.

Brain Box Media plug

The Finger Bun Classic Rock Show was a good old fashion fun live act. Great musicians

Don't take our word for it... Read what they said:

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