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Graphic design in Adelaide and beyond

A competent graphic designer in Adelaide is worth their weight in gold.

At Brain Box Media, we specialise in the telekinetic power of reading the client’s mind. While that last statement may not be 100% accurate, we do consider ourselves exceptional at client interaction which enables us to read between the lines. We also believe that satisfaction is the king of the castle, and often presenting graphics to a client can be the difference between “mmm..yeahhh”, and “Heck YES!” 

If we can’t physically meet you, we recommend a conference call. Hello Zoom! Why? Because we believe our excitement is infectious. Let Brain Box Media show your company why we’re the best graphic designers not only in Adelaide, but Australia wide.

What do you think of our Graphic Design portfolio?

How does graphic design fit with your brand?

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Get that logo that speaks true to you and your brand. Let our graphic design team in Adelaide work their magic. Our logo design service puts us ahead of the pack and our work speaks for itself.

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You may require a mockup design of your brand on some hoodies, a car or building? Think Brain Box Media! We do it all. Speak to us about merchandise suggestions for your next conference or workshop.

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Web imagery

Do you really need to ask? We design web sites and mail-out campaigns. We dream about web graphics and talk about them by the water cooler. We have you covered for digital, social media, and website graphics.

Booklet designs

We are your InDesign specialist. Conference booklets, promotional material, bi-fold brochures, tri-fold brochures, even wedding booklets and invites. We’ve got a pretty impressive portfolio we’d love to send you.

The personalised graphic design process

Our graphic design delivery process with you:


We discuss your needs and goals, making sure we've picked your brain to pieces.


Our elite graphic design experts put together a proposal that's easy on the eyes.

get to work

We get our creative juices flowing and put together 3 concepts we think will "knock it out the park!"


We present you with 3 concepts face to face so we can share the same vision.

Finalise design

The design is finalised and made ready for any application you should require.

Why is this graphic design company different from the rest?

We are Local

We hail from Adelaide, South Australia. We love Footy, Balfours frog cakes and a late night drunken AB.


With decades of experience, why wouldn't you choose to deal with us?

Rapid Delivery

By our very nature, we are fast, reliable and efficient.

One-Stop Shop

We have everything you need in just one phone call (from web hosting to logo design, Google Advertising and Search Engine Optimisation).

Our Utility belt

Like Batman, we wear a utility belt with all the necessary tools required to get the job done.

Customer Satisfaction

Our customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

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